Peter Robertson LLB (Hons), FCA, TEP

Managing Director, Dixcart International Limited

What I enjoy about my job
I work with individuals from all over the world so am lucky enough to learn about different cultures and international business practices. I particularly enjoy working closely with a family who are undertaking a significant event, such as a move overseas or making an investment, as it offers me the opportunity to assist them at a time when they are taking a risk or having to learn a lot about a new country very quickly.

How I ‘make it happen’ for my clients
Whilst the majority of my new clients have approached me with a tax query, as I work with a broad professional team, I am able to work with all my colleagues to address a range of other matters that may arise from their query.

A bit about my background
I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and Solicitor. I became a member of the ICAEW in 2006 and in 2008 I qualified as a solicitor (currently I am non-practising). I am also a member of STEP.

What I wish I’d known at the start of my career
I would go back a little further in time and advise my 18 year-old self to study something different at University. I would probably have still ended up going along the same professional route, but I think I would have enjoyed each element of my studies and professional exams more.

You might not know this about me but…
Despite not really having the right figure for it, I have run 3 marathons in 3 different cities (one of them spanning 2 continents!).