Client area

Our Client Area provides a secure document exchange, allowing us to share documents and large files with our clients quickly and securely. The portal can also act as a ‘filing cabinet’, allowing you 24/7 access to key documents such as company accounts and tax returns. (Please note that we will be switching all users to the new CCH portal in the coming weeks).

Account Videos

These videos explain how to initially activate, and then maintain your Wolters Kluwer Account which is used to access your CCH OneClick workspace:

Activating your Wolters Kluwer Account

A short video that shows the process of activating a new or upgraded CCH OneClick account and configuring MFA for the first time.

Logging into your Wolters Kluwer Account

A short video showing the process of logging in to CCH OneClick and entering your MFA code.

Wolters Kluwer Login Options

A short video covering changing your password, updating MFA details, adding additional MFA methods, and logging in to CCH OneClick when more than one MFA method is configured.

Wolters Kluwer Account Recovery

A short video demonstrating the use of recovery codes when the user doesn’t have access to their MFA device and using the Recover Password link.

Wolters Kluwer Account Organisation Switcher

The Organisation Switcher is only displayed to CCH OneClick client users that have access to more than one client entity within the same accounting practice, or across multiple accounting practices.

User Guide

If you need any more help getting started, please refer to the CCH OnceClick User Guide that explains how to update your CCH OneClick profile and how to use the tools within CCH OneClick, such as Messages & Documents and Digital Data Request.

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