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We make it happen for you and your business
A better way of working with accountants and lawyers
We are unusual. We make it happen. We are Dixcart
Part of Dixcart Group

Accountants, lawyers, tax and immigration advisers - one team examining ideas from every angle.

Accountants and lawyers tend to keep themselves apart.

Separate firms. Separate buildings. Separate thinking.
But, business doesn’t work that way.

Your issues have both financial and legal implications.
So, you have the same conversations twice. The same meetings twice.

There is a better way.

At Dixcart we think it should be all about you.
So, we’ve built a team that works for you and your business.

Accountants, lawyers, tax and immigration advisers.
One team examining ideas from every angle.

One team, one goal. We make it happen.

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Financial Assistance for the Self-Employed During the Coronavirus Crisis
coronavirus and the self employed
This summary is for the self-employed, explaining the government assistance available to them throughout the COVID-19 Pandemicand ways that they can help themselves...Read More
Financial Assistance for Businesses During the Coronavirus Crisis
coronavirus and business
Dixcart has prepared a summary of the assistance that the government has made available to businesses... Read More
New Year, New UK Immigration System, New Considerations
What does the new UK immigration mean for EEA nationals looking to come to the UK? What are some of the immigration considerations which UK employers should factor for when it comes to recruitment and sponsorship? What rights do Turkish citizens and Swiss-based companies have? This article looks at some of the answers to these questions.Read More
Global Britain – Outward Looking and Open for Business
employment law
GLOBAL BRITAIN – OUTWARD LOOKING AND OPEN FOR BUSINESS Critics have claimed that the UK’s departure from the EU indicates...Read More
Information as required by the regulator in relation to our services to individuals in relation to immigration applications and/or appeals against Home Office visa or immigration decisions (excluding asylum)
This note provides only the pricing and service information that our regulator requires us to post to our website in relation to specific immigration law services for individuals. Read More

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Applicants need to act quickly - potential cost reductions relating to this programme, come to an end on 15 January 2021. Please contact Graham Sutcliffe for more information: advice.nevis@dixcart.com. #stkittsandnevis

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