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We make it happen for you and your business
A better way of working with accountants and lawyers
We are unusual. We make it happen. We are Dixcart
Part of Dixcart Group

Accountants, lawyers, tax and immigration advisers - one team examining ideas from every angle.

Accountants and lawyers tend to keep themselves apart.

Separate firms. Separate buildings. Separate thinking.
But, business doesn’t work that way.

Your issues have both financial and legal implications.
So, you have the same conversations twice. The same meetings twice.

There is a better way.

At Dixcart we think it should be all about you.
So, we’ve built a team that works for you and your business.

Accountants, lawyers, tax and immigration advisers.
One team examining ideas from every angle.

One team, one goal. We make it happen.

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Employment Law Newsletter – February 2021
A review of February’s employment law cases and other important news, from the final word on the Uber case, to a variety of discrimination cases and other interesting information such as the follow up from Covid-19 surveys. Read More
2020/21 Year-End Strategy Guide
Strategy Guide
Click here for your 2020/21 Year-End Strategy Guide which contains practical guidance and ideas to implement before 5 April 2021. With...Read More
What to do if you receive a negative decision from the Home Office
Picture this: you’ve checked the Home Office website lots of times. You feel quite confident that you meet the requirements...Read More

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A quick Q&A session on using Trusts and/or Foundations as wealth preservation vehicles - particularly in light of Covid-19:https://www.dixcart.com/trusts-and-foundations-a-qa/

#protectfamilywealth #assetprotection #wealthmangement #wealthpreservation #wealthprotection #trustservices #trustsandestates

Why form a #UKcompany? A 3 minute read on why the UK is attractive for a #holdingcompany & why it is important to ensure control is exercised in the #UK: https://www.dixcartuk.com/why-form-a-uk-company-and-ensuring-and-control-is-exercised-in-the-uk/

#tax #taxplanning #investors #corporate #ukdirector #companyformation #companymanagement

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