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  • Employment News – Case Update March 2022

    A round-up of the most significant employment law cases to be published over the last month including how to establish worker status, the use of PILON clauses, privacy regarding email at work and what test to use to determine detriment in victimisation cases.

  • Employment Law Newsletter – July 2019

    A review of July’s employment case law and other important news. We look at how the court, tribunal system and the government are trying to refresh the systems. We have a 99 year rule which has been reversed by the Supreme Court, issues arising from use of Facebook and WhatsApp and the government’s shakeup of employment law. This covers how to fix gender inequality consulting on health at work to prevent job-loss and how to make the enforcement of employment rights better. It’s all go. For the better, we hope!

  • Employment Law Newsletter – June 2019

    A review of June’s employment case law and other important news. Discrimination features heavily in our reporting this month, from how an employer might perceive a future risk, contributory negligence and constructive knowledge, to how NDAs are being abused by employers to hush up unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace. As ever we bring you food for thought, as well as recommendations and guidance you can follow to keep your business flowing smoothly, and your employees engaged.