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  • Employment Law Newsletter – September 2019

    A review of September’s employment law cases and other news. This month’s cases show the technicalities that make navigating employment law such a challenge and why early and comprehensive advice is so crucial. In other news, we have updated guidance on Brexit, data protection, modern slavery, NDAs and some interesting research about why you should be investing in more training for your employees.

  • Employment Law Newsletter – June 2019

    A review of June’s employment case law and other important news. Discrimination features heavily in our reporting this month, from how an employer might perceive a future risk, contributory negligence and constructive knowledge, to how NDAs are being abused by employers to hush up unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace. As ever we bring you food for thought, as well as recommendations and guidance you can follow to keep your business flowing smoothly, and your employees engaged.