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Kirsty Coombes

Kirsty Coombes

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Kirsty Coombes is an Accounts Assistant at Dixcart International Limited, where she specialises in bookkeeping and supports the accounts team. Her responsibilities include meticulous bookkeeping, ensuring all financial records are accurate and up to date. Kirsty’s expertise in bookkeeping allows her to manage various types of financial documentation, providing essential support to her colleagues and clients.

Career Overview

Kirsty qualified as a bookkeeper in 2022. She began her career in accounts as an apprentice for a sports signage company in 2012, where she worked for five years. Following this, she held various positions in accounts before finding her role at Dixcart. Joining Dixcart, located conveniently close to home, has provided her with a sense of comfort and support reminiscent of her apprenticeship. Despite the challenges, she has successfully balanced passing her exams with her job and raising three children, which she considers a significant personal milestone.

Approach to Client Service

Kirsty approaches her work with clients by thoroughly understanding their business areas and ensuring she has all the necessary information to perform her job effectively. She is always polite, offering help proactively, and ensuring her clients receive the best possible service. Her philosophy is guided by a commitment to thoroughness and attentiveness to client needs.

Expertise and Specialisations

Kirsty’s main area of expertise is bookkeeping. She handles a wide range of financial documentation, including receipts, bank statements, sales invoices, expenses, and VAT information. Kirsty provides advice on the information needed to perform her job efficiently and offers assistance with Xero accounting software, ensuring clients have the tools and knowledge they need for effective financial management.

Professional Development and Qualifications

Kirsty is a qualified bookkeeper, holding the AATQB certification from the Association of Accounting Technicians. She is also pursuing further education, with plans to undertake her AAT Level 4 qualification soon. Her ongoing commitment to professional development ensures she remains up-to-date with the latest accounting practices and standards.

In Her Spare Time

Outside of work, Kirsty enjoys spending time with her family, including her three children. She loves going for walks and values family time. When she finds a spare moment, she enjoys swimming, going out with friends, playing bingo, and indulging in reality TV.

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