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  • Employment Law Newsletter – October 2021

    A review of October’s employment law cases and other important news, with a focus on sex and race discrimination. Also contains a number of useful reports and guidance for employers.

  • Employment Law Newsletter – June 2021

    A review of June’s employment law cases and other important news. This includes Covid-related dismissal cases, and news relating to parental leave, gender inequality, flexible working, and support for ethnic minority workers.

  • Employment Law Newsletter – December 2020

    A review of December’s employment law news, from Covid updates, DBS checks, ACAS early conciliation and race discrimination, to exclusivity clauses, post-termination non-compete clauses, and the Human Rights Act.

  • Employment Law Newsletter – October 2020

    A review of October’s case law and other news affecting employment law, in particular Covid-19 updates, and guidance and information on equality, diversity, domestic abuse and anti-racism.

  • Employment Law News – February 2020

    A review of February’s employment law cases and other important news. This month, discrimination features heavily in our case reports, through disability, age and sex. We also look at the effect of illegality on the enforceability of contracts. In other news we bring you changes to national minimum wage, the new Equal Pay bill, an update board diversity, and ICO news.

  • Employment Law Newsletter – November 2019

    A review of November’s employment law cases and other important news. We have some points to learn from checking immigration status, trial periods in redundancy situations and using covert CCTV, to offering money for advice in settlement agreements and working out when someone is whistleblowing for themselves or in the public interest. There’s also updates from the ICO, and good news on the diversity and mental health fronts. Plus the minimum wage delay and Christmas court closures.