Kuldip Matharoo BA (Hons), DipHe

Solicitor, Dixcart Legal Limited

+44 (0)333 122 0010

What I enjoy about my job

Property is not a subject many found appealing at law school. It was deemed dull and uninteresting by many of my cohort. But, what is there not to love about bricks and mortar? The structures around us stand the test of time. If the walls could talk they’d tell interesting stories of their occupiers. Knowing that I am helping to fill four walls,  piece together land for a new road, help an investor manage a retail portfolio or help fit out a shiny new restaurant is satisfying enough.  I can walk around the City of London to this day and point to buildings or spaces I have had something to do with. Satisfaction guaranteed.

How I ‘make it happen’ for my clients

Listening to my clients, asking the right questions and understanding what end result they wish to achieve is key to formulating simple practical no nonsense advice.  Using experience gained in both the public and private sectors allows me to navigate my way through countless scenarios and problems my clients present.

A bit about my background

From humble beginnings in various unpaid voluntary legal roles I eventually qualified in 2004 with “magic circle” law firm Linklaters. After 6 years in total there working with brilliant colleagues on some of the largest commercial real estate transactions in the country I moved on and found myself working for various “silver circle” law firms in the City of London and later still for a County Council and two London Borough Council’s. Moving between working in City firms and the public sector allowed me to broaden my work experience, engage with different teams and continue to challenge myself and grow. I have experience in commercial sales and purchases, lettings, property management, advising on and delivering infrastructure projects, working with the energy sector, retail and leisure sector and so on.

What I wish I’d known at the start of my career

I wish I had taken some time out to work in a surveyors office. Whilst I work along-side them a lot in my job,  their roles are varied and complex  and sometimes I am sat in meetings and the mind boggles listening to them.

You might not know this about me but

My love of the law took a different turn a few years back when I toyed with the idea of joining the army or navy. I opted for “police officer” for the Metropolitan Police in the end – it seemed the safer bet. Safe, it certainly wasn’t and after two years of foot patrol and response teams, I decided to go back to a desk job.

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