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Fiona Douglas

Fiona Douglas

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Fiona Douglas serves as the Administrator & Office, Facilities, and Serviced Offices Manager at Dixcart International Limited. In this multifaceted role, Fiona provides essential administrative support, oversees the building and associated suppliers, and ensures facility requirements are met efficiently. Additionally, she manages the Serviced Offices, handling everything from billing to day-to-day operations. Fiona’s expertise in managing events, conferences, functions, and social events underscores her ability to handle complex logistical challenges with ease.

Career Overview

Fiona qualified as a Hotel Manager several years ago and has since built a diverse and accomplished career. She began her professional journey in the hospitality and catering industry, later moving into national and international conferences and events within the Incentive Market industry. Over the past 20 years, Fiona has held various administrative roles in the retail, care, and building sectors before joining Dixcart in 2017. Notably, she served as a Senior Administrator at Marks & Spencer Plc (Brooklands) for nine years. Fiona has also presented seminars on behalf of Vodafone, Elizabeth Arden, United Friendly, and Bang & Olufsen at major international events in South Africa, Florida, and New York.

Approach to Client Service

Fiona approaches her work with a conscientious attitude, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her clients are well-supported and reassured. She believes in thorough preparation and anticipates challenges before they arise, ensuring she is ready with effective solutions.

Expertise and Specialisations

Fiona’s main areas of expertise include organization, planning, and a deep understanding and compassion, particularly when dealing with delicate HR and staff matters. She handles all types of documentation, internal, external, sensitive, and non-sensitive and provides key advice on serviced offices, staffing, reception, and facilities. Her experience includes working on significant projects such as organising an event with Vodafone to celebrate the Millennium in Cape Town with the English Cricket Team.

Professional Development and Qualifications

Fiona holds an HND in Hotel & Catering Management and has achieved Level 2 – Master of Wine certification. Throughout her career, she has continued to develop her skills and knowledge, staying abreast of the latest industry trends and practices.

In Her Spare Time

Despite having spent years traveling professionally, Fiona continues to enjoy exploring new destinations, experiencing different cultures, and experimenting with various foods. She loves swimming, especially in the sea, and is fond of walking. Cooking and experimenting with different flavours from various destinations are among her passions. Fiona also has a love for fresh flowers and has taken several flower arranging courses, covering seasonal stock and designs. She enjoys social gatherings with close friends, particularly those involving new and exhilarating activities. A notable personal achievement is finally accomplishing a zip wire experience in the Welsh mountains, traversing a lake during a snowstorm after two years of trying.

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