Carole Martin

Paralegal, Dixcart Legal Limited
+44 (0)333 122 0010

What I enjoy about my job
The variety of work I do and the people I work with

How I ‘make it happen’ for my clients
I help the solicitors with such matters as compliance and administration, formatting and drafting to make their use of time as efficient as possible; so that we provide the very best service to our clients.

A bit about my background I have worked in the legal profession for most of my life since I left school. My first position was obtained when my school teacher recommended me (out of the whole classroom) to a solicitor friend who was looking for a junior secretary. I have learnt an awful lot along the way from the various solicitors I have worked for. 

In my early days I even used to go to police stations and crown courts to take notes – this was very exciting for someone in their early 20s at the time! Very different from the commercial work I do now.

What I wish I’d known at the start of my career
It would have been helpful in my career to have done the old fashioned shorthand – even now with all the technology that there is, taking notes would have been quicker with shorthand knowledge. I have, however, developed my own version of note taking – having had to attend at court and lengthy meetings on many occasions to take detailed notes

You might not know this about me but…
I was a qualified fitness instructor for over 20 years. I worked in my younger days in the evenings and at weekends as well as working in the day in a solicitors firm. I then took the plunge, left my daytime job and went full time for 5 years running my own fitness studio in a converted old hovercraft testing building in Hythe, Hampshire overlooking the Solent.  When the site was sold for redevelopment for housing I re-joined the legal profession.