International Services

International Services

At Dixcart Legal, we specialise in providing comprehensive international services tailored to businesses engaged in trading with or expanding into the UK, as well as overseas clients looking to set up a new company in the UK. Our international services team offers practical and commercial advice to navigate the complexities of international business transactions.

For businesses considering opening a subsidiary in the UK, there are numerous factors to consider. We provide expert guidance across various aspects of company setup and expansion to ensure a smooth transition into the UK market.

Our international services include assistance with:

  • Company formation – incorporating the UK company.
  • Corporate group structuring – what are the legal, accountancy and tax ramifications of the proposed structures?
  • Corporate secretarial services – to ensure that the new company is compliant.
  • The provision of directors – UK companies require at least one director.
  • Immigration – will it hire locally or will it send someone to the UK to set up the business?
  • Employment – all businesses need employment contracts, directors’ service agreements and handbooks, together with any ad hoc advice on dealing with employee issues.
  • Commercial premises – where will the company be based? Do you need serviced offices or are you going to lease or buy your own commercial property?
  • Tax – what are the requirements of an incorporated company? What are the international tax issues for the foreign parent company to consider? Do any of the employees being sent over to set up the business require international tax advice before they arrive in the UK?
  • Accountancy – bookkeeping, monthly management accounts, annual accounts, VAT returns, etc.
  • Payroll – how will the employees of the UK subsidiary be paid?

At Dixcart UK we can assist with your international services requirements. We are One Team, so you only have that conversation once. Dixcart Legal’s solicitors work closely with the tax advisers of the Dixcart UK team to ensure that the tax aspects of an international move can be considered at the same time as the legal matters that need to be put into place. Dixcart UK accountants can deal with all accountancy requirements including running a UK payroll.

Whilst the lawyers, accountants, tax and immigration advisers work together on many matters it is important to note that the solicitors are regulated by the SRA, our immigration adviser is regulated by the OISC, and the accountants and tax advisers are regulated by the ICEAW.

For enquiries regarding international services, please contact Ben Habershon, our dedicated point of contact. We’re committed to supporting your global ambitions and facilitating a smooth transition into the UK market.