Commercial Property Law

Commercial Property Law

At Dixcart Legal we have extensive expertise in commercial property law. Our team of experienced commercial property lawyers based in Surrey, understand the importance to clients of being able to make informed decisions in this area.

All businesses invariably need premises from which to operate, and the decisions surrounding commercial property transactions can significantly impact their success. Before entering into any transaction for premises from which you intend to conduct business or choose to invest in, come and speak to one of our commercial property law solicitors. Property forms one of, if not, the biggest costs to a business so it is important to get things right.
Our commercial property lawyers advise on every stage of the commercial property life cycle, from first plans to asset management and disposal – but making sure you stay in control during the entire process. We recognise that each property transaction is unique, which is why we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Our commercial property lawyers at Dixcart Legal advise on all areas of commercial real estate law including:

  • Freehold and Leasehold Acquisitions and Disposals: When acquiring or disposing of commercial property, whether through freehold or leasehold arrangements, our team provides strategic advice to help you navigate complex legal considerations. We offer guidance on negotiating favourable terms and conducting thorough due diligence to protect your interests.
  • New Leases, Renewal Leases, and Surrenders: Leasing agreements play a crucial role in commercial property transactions. Our solicitors assist clients in negotiating new leases, renewing existing leases, and navigating lease surrenders, seek to ensure that the terms are fair and favourable.
  • Break Notices: Break clauses in lease agreements require careful attention to detail. Our commercial property lawyers advise clients on serving and responding to break notices effectively, helping them understand their rights and obligations under the terms of the lease.
  • Dilapidation Claims: Dilapidation claims can arise when a tenant fails to maintain, or repair leased premises according to the terms of the lease. Our commercial property lawyers assists both landlords and tenants in resolving dilapidation disputes.
  • Investigation of Title: Conducting thorough title investigations is essential to uncovering any potential issues or liabilities associated with a property. Our lawyers meticulously review title documents and address any concerns to ensure a smooth transaction process.
  • Managing Large Property Portfolios for Institutional Landlords: For institutional landlords with extensive property portfolios, effective management is key to maximising returns and minimising risks. Our team offers comprehensive support in managing large property portfolios.
  • Project Management and Development Agreements: Navigating complex development projects requires a deep understanding of legal, regulatory, and commercial considerations. Our commercial property lawyers provide strategic advice and support throughout the project lifecycle, from initial planning to completion.

As part of the Dixcart UK team based in Surrey, our commercial property lawyers work closely with other specialist teams across Dixcart UK, including, employment lawimmigration law, and our taxinternational and accounting teams. This integrated approach enables us to provide holistic commercial property support that addresses the diverse needs of your business, whether you’re navigating local regulations or expanding into international markets.

To arrange an initial no-obligation chat please email us at: We’re here to provide expert guidance and practical solutions to help you achieve your commercial property law matters.

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