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How Dixcart UK can assist clients with a portfolio of services: Employment, Legal, Immigration, Tax and Accounts

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EU company looking to expand into the UK and relocate several non-EU employees. Example Case study:

A German company is looking to expand into the UK but does not already have a UK company incorporated. They also want to relocate several non-EU employees, currently based in Germany, to the UK.

Dixcart can initially start by assisting the client with the employment aspect in the UK, but the rest of our legal team, Immigration, and tax and accounts teams can also help by providing the below services:


  • Advising on the English employment rights for the employees and what that means
  • Drafting UK employment contracts for the employees
  • Drafting an employee handbook
  • Liaising with the client’s German lawyers, regarding the implications in Germany, ahead of and after, the move


  • Advising the employees relocating on the UK immigration rules and requirements and assisting with the appropriate visas


  • Advising on the requirement for UK payroll and setting this up for the company and running the payroll going forward
  • Advising on the tax payable by the company in the UK
  • The personal tax implications for the employees, once they have relocated to the UK, and personally helping them with their tax planning


The rest of our legal team, our commercial company and commercial property advisers, can help with the:

  • Incorporation of the UK company
  • Produce articles of association, including different share classes and rights
  • Advise on a commercial lease and follow out all of the necessary procedures and protocols in acquiring a commercial property


Once a UK company has been incorporated, Dixcart UK can:

  • Prepare the monthly management accounts for the UK entity
  • Register the company for VAT and prepare the quarterly VAT returns
  • Manage the annual accounts
  • Manage the annual corporation tax compliance

We can Help

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The data contained within this document is for general information only. No responsibility can be accepted for inaccuracies. Readers are also advised that the law and practice may change from time to time. This document is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute accounting, legal or tax advice. Professional advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from any action as a result of the contents of this document.

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