Dixcart Discuss: Providing short, commercially relevant videos relating to Covid-19

Our new Dixcart Discuss series will provide short, commercially relevant video summaries of key issues relating to Covid-19. If there are any topics you would like us to cover or you have specific questions regarding some of the topics in our Dixcart Discuss videos, please get in touch: help@dixcartuk.com.

Accounts and Services Manager, Tara Lister, understands businesses are looking for ways to make cost savings in their operations as well as increase the need to satisfy home working where possible. Here she explains ways to satisfy both those needs in the finance function of the business, with the use of technology – predominantly cloud accounting services.

UK Immigration Lawyer, Vincent Chung, provides an update on UK immigration, including the options available leading to permanent settlement and applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (“ILR”) and the following visas:

  • Tier 1 (Investor) visa
  • Sole Rep visa
  • Start-up and Innovator visa

Paul Webb details the UK tax environment for both individuals and businesses in this episode of our #dixcartdiscuss series.

Recorded 17/09/2020

Using Share Schemes to Retain and Recruit Key Employees

Sarah Gardner explains how UK share schemes can provide a tax advantaged way to help you recruit or retain key employees by giving them ‘skin in the game.’

Recorded 29/05/2020

GDPR and Covid-19

Has Covid-19 had an effect on GDPR regulations? Ben Habershon explains that the rules have not changed but the ISO have relaxed their enforcement measures.

Recorded 29/05/2020

UK Inheritance Tax and Domicile

In this short video, Peter Robertson, addresses several questions individuals have in regards to their UK inheritance tax position and the question of domicile.

Recorded 14/05/2020

Find out when it is appropriate to use an e-signature whilst face to face meetings are not taking place due to Covid-19.

Ben Habershon details the importance of e-signatures during Covid-19 and when electronic or digital signatures might be acceptable under English law.


Latest Updates on UK Immigration from Vincent Chung regarding the most current Covid-19 Home Office UK Visa and Immigration concessions

Since Vincent recorded this video, it has been announced that front-line health and care workers, including midwives, radiographers, social workers and pharmacists are also set to benefit from the free 1-year extension. More information can be found here.


The Impact of Covid-19 on UK Immigraton. Vincent Chung has created a short video on how the Coronavirus might impact individuals and UK businesses.

Exceptions to the Day Count Rule for Individuals not Tax Resident in the UK

HMRC have announced exceptions to the day count rules for individuals not tax resident in the UK. Sarah Gardner explains more.

Ways Businesses can Improve their Cashflow during Covid-19

Accounts Manager, Tara Lister, outlines a number ways businesses can improve their cash flow during this uncertain time.

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