A Simple Guide to Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI Share Schemes)

share schemes

If you own or work for a company with assets of £30 million or less, it may be able to offer Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI).

Companies can grant employees share options, up to the value of £250,000 in a 3-year period. Employees will not need to pay Income Tax or National Insurance if they buy shares for at least the market value of the shares when granted the option.

EMI Share Schemes is a Government approved, tax beneficial and very flexible way of incentivising key staff members. This guide outlines some of the most common options within the scheme to do this, from the Growth Share Scheme to the Phantom Share Scheme.

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Companies that work in ‘excluded activities’ are not allowed to offer EMIs. Excluded activities include:

  • Banking
  • Farming
  • Property development
  • Provision of legal services
  • Ship building

For further information on EMI Share Schemes, please contact Paul Webb, or email hello@dixcartuk.com.

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